As part of our camp we have several activities, games, and fun to choose from. Come join us on our Bethany Bonzai or down at the pond for a swim. There is sure to be something for everyone to love! 

Bethany Bonzai

Newly redesigned in 2017, the Bonzai allows you to race together with a friend or family member by riding twin 600' ziplines that start out 18' above the ground, but quickly rise to 100' over a deep ravine before you cross the field and reach the landing area on the hill on the other side. 


Our latest addition and one of our most popular is the presence of two 100 foot slides side-by-side. Grab a friend and race into the water together!  The start line is on a platform about 40 feet above the water. So jump on and enjoy the ride!

The Blob

Test your nerves on a 30 foot long air pillow that sits in the water on one end of the pond. Jump out and crawl to the end of the Blob. Sit facing the water while another person jumps down onto the other end from the tower. Hold onto your breath as you are catapulted into the air and land in the water. One thing is certain, the Blob is not for the faint of heart!

Swimming & Boating

Nothing feels better during the hot summer days than to cool off in our spring-fed pond.  Sit back, relax, take a ride down the Barracudas, or enjoy a stroll on the pond in our boats. The pond is the perfect place for family fun and relaxation. Bethany Camp provides supervision of all pond activities with Red Cross certified lifeguards who are ready to assist you at any moment.


Offered only for Transformers, Senior High Campers, and Family campers  paintball is one of our most exciting and thrilling activities here at camp. Join your friends and come ready to shoot some paintballs at one another! If you are 10 or older sign up for the thrill of our "capture the flag" game of paintball.

Basketball Court

Our regulation-size basketball court is a great way to get in a game of 3-on-3, knockout, or PIG with your friends.  Not a basketball player at heart? That's okay because our court comes with perfect night lighting for night games of pillo-pollo, tennis ball toss, and other group activities. Our newest utilization of the court is for watching movies on the BIG SCREEN - just like being at the drive-in theater!

The Bistro

Feeling like you need a snack? Stop in here and visit Bethany Camp's snack and drink bar! The Bistro is the perfect place to hang out with friends and maybe even play a board game or two. Don't miss this favorite hangout spot here at Bethany. After all, WE LOVE THE BISTRO and you will too! 


A cross between volleyball, human foosball, and soccer you will have to work together with your teammates work together to score as many goals as possible. The trick is to do all of this while standing deep in your barrel! This is a great game for all ages, so grab your whole family and go play!

Other Activities

4-Way Volleyball

Wagon Rides




Air Hockey

Sand Volleyball

Frisbee Golf

Hiking Trails

A Large Sports Field

Sledding Hill


9 Square

Pillow Polo


New activities & attractions coming in 2019!